Now that we suffered through the ENTIRE song

- What exactly is a "Fiskebolle"?

Yes! Of course! Please allow me to explain.
A "fiskebolle" basically means a "Fishball", you might know the asian version, but in Norway it is made of Norwegian white fish, served together with potatoes in white sauce with a hint of nutmeg.

For the playful and naughty ones, let me recommend some shrimp in the white sauce.

I am not going to tell you how it's made, because this is not a blog entirely about food, it is about viking thoughts. Now, some clever viking, I believe it to have been my sister (you might know her as "Stinky" or "SS Gestapo 3000" - my personal favourite is "Sugefisk" meaning "Suckfish" (Whitefin Sharksucker), anyway take your pick) and she taught me the song I just performed for you. To make your nights sleep a little easier, here's a little translation!

The Fishballs live in the ocean
The ocean is the Fishballs' home
this was the 1st verse

Now only 99 remains
and so on, and so on!! Fantastic! - isn't it?


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