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There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.
- Mary Wilson Little

Stress does not evolve from the things that you have yet to do, stress is all the things you were supposed to have done. So even though Christmas is approaching, I'm obviously not really stressed by anything except schoolwork and NaNoWriMo. Christmas presents, decorations and family coming home will not stress me just yet. Of course the looming threat of older siblings returning from their point of departure with sledges ready for some younger sister beating - is, as always - constantly there.

Whenever I write nasty things about them, something I'd be most delighted to do, I can feel the threat wiggle like an oversized jelly. Coming to think of it (seeing I've already managed to make myself quite unpopular in terms of my older brother, of recent) the amount of beating I will receive will probably add up and make just about the same as if I DID NOT write nasty things about my siblings.

What else are they for - if not to beat me up a little?
Of course it is possible for me to be equivocate enough for them to not fully realise that I'm actually writing dodgy things about them, and so the amount of beating would still be the same. So why waste time trying to be subtle and discreet, when I can simply be loud, rude, direct and evil? Well, my dear reader: It would not sting as bad.

Grown-ups seem to find it stressful to call somebody what they are, like if a person is a bit of a spac, they would say things like "challenged" or "special". I know for certain that if a grown-up would call me "different" or "exceptional", I'd be sure to aim that bullet straight, because that is even worse than getting the real diagnosis. Equally, a sure undertone of truth would sting far more than an overly loud lie. Being called an "idiot", when one is in fact, not really an idiot, the insult would make very little impact. Minuscule, in fact.


Foss said...

You *are* special, but I never use that word as a way of disguising "retarded".

Everyone's far too politically correct and it drives me mad. In the various "diversity" and "equal opportunities" training sessions I've had, I've come to realise there's so much pointless crap surrounding it...

Using the term "thought shower" instead of "brainstorm" because it may offend epileptics? Fuck off!

Opting to get the kids singing "baa baa rainbow sheep" at nursery school instead of the original "baa baa black sheep"? Stop being such pussies!

Why the hell do people worry about shit like this, when there are far more pressing matters of inequality to deal with?

Did you know, if you have AIDS and you're not an American citizen, you aren't allowed to enter the USA - even if it's just a stop-over flight?

Audun said...

*cancels his airplane tickets to New York*



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