Funky Town

In English we had a school project last year, and it was about creating a fictive city in the UK using a wiki. I think people did a "naah" and wrote approx. ten words each.

Considering we were supposed to embark on a breath-taking adventure of collective thinking, I have reached the conclusion of there to have been very little thinking going on in the first place.
Anyway, as usual I could not resist the temptation of writing way too much, this time about the post office.

You can read the entire project about Funky Town here.

However, that is hardly very interesting, I think it is about time I write about something that is at least half-way captivating.

.... I wont do that now though.
Maybe later! Here, have a rain check.


Foss said...

I remember this! That means my memory still works!

Tora said...

I am pleased.

You should be too! Congratulations!


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