Winter is here! yes I know that all that sounds a bit early. But it snowed in Oslo yesterday! At first it didn't stay in it's original shape, but melted instantly when touching the ground. However, as the traffic increased and the temperature went down (even further!) it decided to stick around.

So, while I am writing this, I can absolutely confirm the presence of snow in our garden and out on the streets- terrific!
I also did the clever move of stealing my duvet back today, because I had put clean covers on it and let Audun use it when he was here this weekend. But today I decided that it wasn't actually of much use when nobody was using it (strange how that makes sense, eh?)

I have slept wonderfully without my own duvet of course, as I have just been using another one. It's just that there is something special about using your own duvet. I am fully able to sleep anywhere, I think I could even sleep in a fishtank if the opportunity would cross my path.

(the drawing I made is of how well I could sleep in a fishtank, and also how it is possible to drool underwater).


Foss said...

Keane are on the radio, covering "bootylicious" as I write this. It's strange.

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