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Learn the internetspeak!

if you don't already know how to be geeky enough to understand all the amazing abbrevations of the intarweb, frolic in a bit of this.

(it is in Norwegian)

Also, Liv Elin and I decided to make a list of our own, it goes like this:
SUYDOS = Shut Up You Dirty Old Slag
DUYCF = Drink Up Your Coffee Fancyboy
RYTP = Remove Your Toe Please
LGOME = Let Go Of My Ear Please (letgoofme)
IHAARCOMH = I Have An Agitated Red Cat On My Head
MPIROMK = My Pet Is Running Over My Keyboard
HN = Hairy Nostril/Hairy n00b
LOL = Laughing Out Loud

okay, we are getting way too original for the internet, so we'll finish here.


Tora said...

Have a look at this as well.

Pollywantsacookie said...

Omg that was like total bbq!
Naah I only read the first paragraph and guessed the rest would be as good :P

Pollywantsacookie said...

"Fictions are original and purely fictional, any assemblance with anyone or anything else is purely coincidential"

Do you mean to write resemblance or did you write assemblance on purpose?

I'm such a bitch :'(

Tora said...

no, you are right :(

Now I have to go all the long way into editing that.

You know I would've been a stupider YET happier person if it was not for you, my good sir or madam.


Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for your comments...i really like your blog. i have secretly always wanted to be a viking :)

Pollywantsacookie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pollywantsacookie said...

Lol you edited the thing I didn't want to mention too :) Good Job! :P

Tora said...

suydos <3

Pollywantsacookie said...


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