ok, I am here to kill a myth

Vikings are known as brutal, ruthless, pillaging and raping barbarians. Loud, heavy, scruffy and evil bastards.
This is certainly true, and it's not what I am here to question. Well there is one word here that I would like to disagree with.
The word scruffy.

Because the vikings would braid their hair, use perfumes and work-out several times a day. They would indeed be quite fit. They spent their lives outside in the fresh air, having clear complexion and polite habits. As Christians lives with only 10 commendments, the vikings had 79. (The rules they lived by were called Håvamål - ask me and I'll tell you more).
ALSO, the male vikings had a bath once a week. The Norwegian word for Saturday, which is Lørdag, comes from the ancient Norwegian word Laurdag, meaning bathing-day.

So even though the vikings could be monstrous killing-machines, they had a sense of style and elegance. Known to carry combs with them for example.
You could accuse them of many things, but smelly they were not.


Pollywantsacookie said...
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Pollywantsacookie said...

The ancient word "laugardagr" I think you mean :). Laurdag is nynorsk (aka. Jibber Jabber) for Saturday, although I understand that Jibber Jabber can be misinterpreted for something ancient :P.

I don't know how I know these things, I think its a gift :P.

Tora said...

I think you might be thinking of the Norwegian word called "gift" that means "poison" because that's exactly what I was thinking of right now.

Here I was acting all smart and that :( And here you come along being a lot smarter...


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