How I spent my Autumn Break

Friday 29th, I met up with my dear friend Foss and Josh around 6-ish.
The two of them had started drinking on the plane from England to Norway, quite early, in other words, 10 in the morning. So, seeing they were both a bit influenced it was chill and easy to meet up with them. Foss I have known for over a year, but I've never actually met him and it was splendid to catch up! Josh is just a twat that came a long, but he's awesome as well.

Anyway, it happened that they bought me a few drinks and we decided to move on to a restaurant to have something to eat, because we were hungry. On our way to said restaurant there was a yappy little dog in a leash passing by and Josh found it best to attempt to kick it. Being slightly shitfaced (that means "being in a drunken state") Josh fell right over instead.
When trying to explain his fall just minutes later, he fell over once again.

We ate swordfish and had some lovely white-wine. The two lads can apparently not remember much, but they enjoyed the fish! Which I am pleased to hear. I got safely home, but I can't remember how.

Saturday they had the day to themselves, but were joining me and my family for dinner, so to secure that they would arrive in a sober state I sent them a text saying:
"you two better not be drinking"
as a reply to this I got the apologetic:
"this is the last one :P going over to coffee now."

At my place we had some Sol-beer with lime and delicious mexican food. Josh knocked the shit out of all of us in Goldeneye and then I knocked the shit out of them in Soul Calibur II.

Sunday I brought my little brother along and we visited the Autumn Exhibition. Since both Foss and Josh were unable to finish their ice creams I had to do it for them. The weather was absolutely lovely, we split up and met up later in the day, without the little brother this time. Liv Elin joined us that night and we all had a lot to drink. We hung out in at an English pub called "Belfry" and got rather canaccas.

Monday we all felt like shit.
We had coffee at Bagel&Juice and some pizza at a new place on Aker Brygge. Josh was unable to eat anymore than two slices of his pizza so Elin and I had to finish it for him.
Still feeling horrible we all went our seperate ways. I put on something pink and met Foss down at Aker Brygge. Josh was sleeping.
Liv Elin came along at some point, we ate some expensive food, but it was alright. Then we gathered up with Josh at the English pub. This night Audun joined us as well!
We had fun, but had troubles drinking anything containing alcohol or smelling like beer. When heading for the train home it was raining so heavily we were soaked to the underwear and there were puddles the size of OCEANS in the street. Fantastic. Having consumed only a little bit of alcohol we found it hard to resist splashing around in the fountain at Nationaltheatret in the middle of the night. Liv Elin and I discovered later that this was a bad idea, seeing it was still pouring down and we were cold as fuck. Liv Elins mum gave us a lift home and I had a hot shower to wash the rain off.

On Tuesday, Liv Elin took Audun, Josh and Foss to Frognerparken/Vigelandsparken and they also had kebab. Later the four of them went to the movies to see Over the Hedge.
I had dinner with my dad, stepmum, aunt, uncle and grandmother at a place called Bambus, it was splendid and I was very very full. Then my dad and stepmum took me to the movies, we saw Over the Hedge as well! I liked it, it was extremely predictable, but still very cute. Went home and to bed.

On Wednesday Foss and Josh met up at 12, I was late, Liv Elin was even later and Audun came trotting aaages afterwards. Together we took the train to the Technical Museum at Kjelsås and strolled around. I thought it was wonderful, I have always liked that museum. We took the train back to Oslo S, bought some donuts and then took the bus to Aker Brygge where we had food at Deli de Luca. Mmmmm! Went for a lovely walk just around town, had a look at Norway Designs and then split up. Liv Elin and I went home and the lads went off for some alone time.

Met up again at eight/nine-ish and couldn't decide where to go eat. After walking a bit back and forth (literally) we ate at Gate of India. The food was fantastic, we had both red- and white wine before paying, and making us comfortable at Den Gamle Majors Lab where we had a pint. Time was running out and Audun left first to catch the last subway for home. Liv Elin and I took the bus and placed Josh and Foss in the care of Sporveien. When going off at the station where Liv Elin lives, we discovered that my bus had left ages ago and there would be no other buses I could take until morning. So she walked part of the way with me and I walked all the way home :)

Thursday the plan was to go to Sweden, but we didn't in the end. My brother came to town and I stayed at home to clean things out and say hi. Had a lovely dinner at home with the entire family. After dinner Skjalg and I brought some liqeour with us to Liv Elins place where everyone were currently staying. We said hello. Had too much to drink, then I stumbled home with my brother. We were, in fact, stumbling, because we had been drinking insane amounts.

Friday my brother and I went shopping, Skjalg had a haircut, and I bought something resembling peach-booze and a bottle of red wine that I brought along to Liv Elins house. Josh, Audun, Liv Elin and I went shopping for food, pretty much the guys went berzerk in the Wine-monopoly, to everyones enjoyment. We had a simple porridge for dinner, then went over to the booze quite quickly (not bottle by bottle, but everything at once). It was a mixed experience, mostly Battery and Jagermeister, but obviously also Flaggpunch followed by apperitif of peach with - sprite was it? Maybe it was sparkling water with lemon, anyway it was very good.
Cutting it short we got shitfaced. My older brother Skjalg came by later the same night, he came with Snap n' Crackle and chips, so obviously there wasn't much of a party without him seeing we already had too much of both. Lovely having him there, but can't remember seeing him leave, actually it's all pretty much a blur from when I... When I... I can't really remember what I remember last... Think I went to bed, had done all kinds of tidy things before sleeping though, as taking my earrings off and putting them in my wallet, folding up Josh's jumper O_o though I can't remember that actually happening.

The day after, Saturday, we were hungover. When we got up we sat outside in the sun for a bit, that was very nice. I washed the toilet free of what my brother had thrown up over it the night before. Even though we were tired and feeling rather delicate, we took the train to town and had breakfast at Bagel & Juice. It was absolutely delicious. After coffee and/or smoothies we took the train back to Liv Elins place and watched Treasure planet. The film was very funny, even though I've seen it before. I can't seem to place properly what we did that day, but I'm telling you it wasn't much. Had Chili con Carne for dinner and had nothing alcoholic to drink! Made some lefser that were way too sweet, saw the film Love Actually and chilled out. People then slowly crept into their beds. Audun and I stayed up until around 2:30 in the morning just chatting away before going to bed.

Sunday morning everyone got up before me. Josh and Liv Elin were sitting on the sofa and Foss and Audun in each their chair. I settled myself in a chair of my own and we sat staring into nothing listening to Kings of convenience while time was going by. In the end Josh and Foss had to catch their plane, so Audun drove them to the airport. Liv Elin and I had a shower and slept for a bit. When Audun came back again Liv Elin made us some breakfast. Afterwards we cleaned Liv Elins house out completely. Audun gave me a lift home, we sat in the sun and he had dinner at my place. Played Zelda, Ocarina of Time before Audun had to go home, quite enjoyed that.

Then it seems the holiday is over and I really wish it wasn't :(
So Foss, Josh, Audun and Liv Elin - We really really need to hook up again one time. Had a wonderful time, thank you so much.
I managed to take about three pictures during the entire week, and all of these I took with my phone, so I can't upload them! Go flippin me.


Sigrid said...

Honestly dear, it seems to me like youve spent the past week mostly drunk - whilst eating. This adds up to one quite obvious and disturbing conclusion; you must have gained loads of weight! You are from now on placed on a diet and a strict exercise-regime until thursday! It will be impossible to hook you up with any of my gorgeous friends this weekend if you look like the Hulk! So please get fit in the next few days - and preferably stop eating completely.

Kind regards from your loving sister

Forum Orc :o said...

Sounds like you had a great time! :)

Tora said...


you don't have any gorgeous friends.
And I don't want to be hooked up with the ugly ones either.

Let a girl get fat and mind your own business I say.

Audun said...

there's a piano in my pyjamas!

I uploaded some pics from my phone to the vi site, but I'm not sure how to easily access them from a web browser yet.

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