The only one worthy

After a game of Mallet's Mallet" over at a lot of comments were made about my little brother Torsteins amazing English for being an 11 year old Norwegian!

If not stunning, then I'll tell you something about my little brother that truly is stunning!

Because being the only younger sibling I have, he is the only one right to inherit the loony-ness from me. He has in many ways already showed why. I am his tutor in this crazy world.

Like this one time he was sitting on the top of his bunk-bed and I was sitting in front of my Mac in the same room. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing, until I heard mysterious ripping noises. I turned around to discover that he had glued a big piece of cardboard to his face. He then gave a laugh and tried to peel the cardboard off his forehead.

In Norway the Tooth-fairy collects teeth from glasses of water instead of from under you pillow, like foreign tooth-fairies do. And I was storing my newly felt tooth in a glass of water on my bedside table just like this. But the morning when I woke up, the tooth was gone. And there was no money left behind as exchange! Torstein said at breakfast he was glad I had a glass of water in my room, because he had been so THIRSTY last night. That's right, he fucking ATE my tooth.

Also, this is enough proof:

He is really too young to be published to the internet, so I might remove this picture if I get to think about it.
And YES he is wearing my underwear with fish on his head, my socks on his hands and holding Fruits of the Forest dish-washing liquid. *sniffle* I'm so proud.


Foss said...

He is truly awesome. That's all I can say really.

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