Instead of

- Eating all the good fish ourselves, Norwegians export their fish to other countries.
- Using all our waterfalls to produce electricity we can use, we sell all the electricity to other countries and buy electricity back to push up the cost of electricity in Norway.
- Becoming a member of the UN, we just follow all their regulations and rules, but get nothing back for that except from closed playgrounds and withdrawn cars.
- Making ramps at every zebra-crossing around Karl Johans Gate (Oslo main street) we decided to dig up the entire road and make it all over again, AGAIN, so that handicapped can use the pavement.
- Removing the subject "Nynorsk" (Norways useless second written language next to "Bokmål") from school to improve students skill within maths/languages/science, they removed Economics instead.
- Making the right priorities and use their heads, the Norwegian government has decided to spend as much money as possible on the most useless things.
- Writing something funny or amusing, I decide to declare this day as my "politically engaged" day. Note that this is the only day of the year.


Smylexx said...

By all means feel free to send the fish my way.

Audun said...

It's like those smileys I make on the mirror after showering.

I made a comment here, and now it's gone.

Kida said...

I just have to say:


1960 said...

Belated Happy Politically Engaged Day. What would be an appropriate present to buy someone in such a day?

Tora said...

I'm guessing a little prime minister or something you can stick on your shirt to show you're really Politically Engaged. Like a little "I vote YES!" badger.

Badges are too small to get the entire message delivered.

1960 said...

Unless it's a small message or a large badge.

Tora said...

hmm, that might be a good point.

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