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It takes one to know one Nah tek yuh mattie eye fuh see. The country
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There is no jollity but hath a smack of folly


My inbox contains more fun that half a twice a double quarter disneyland!


Foss said...


I am Nigerian royalty and I need somewhere to store $24987239472093472. Can I use your account? You can keep the interest earned.

Audun said...

pssst, you're supposed to ask for credit card information, you dumb ass


Smylexx said...

SeXuAlLy ExPlICit!!

Hot otter action available right now!! Just how you like it!

See Harriet, a young underage Otter stuff her hot cheeks with nuts and berries.

She's a pro. Wild like a panther and hot like a three-dollar pistol!!

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1960 said...

Most of my work e-mail is taken up with messages telling me that my e-mail box is full.

Audun said...

well? is it?


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