Nacho Supreme

Hola amigo!

Today I'm going to tell you how to cook something that is not Norwegian at all!. It might not be mexican either, but let's pretend like it is.


You will Need:

- Nacho chips/ tortilla chips, the one you prefer
- An oven heated to +180 C
- Cheese, I prefer a light cheddar
- bacon!
- salsa

Start by squeezing lemons, freezing them with tequila and serve it in cold glasses edged with salt. This is called a margherita, and is vital for the recipe to function. After getting suitably comfortable within the world of spirits:

Empty the lot of chips on a tray, slice the cheese and cover most of the chips, make sure you always have some spare cheese you can give to the drooling rottweiller beside you.
Fry up tha bacon and empty it over the nachos n' cheese. Use a spoon to spread salsa over the top, if you're serving this to others than yourself, use mild salsa, I'm not joking. I don't care if "you have balls", the salsa flavour isn't supposed to dominate everything, and you are allowed to serve hot! - salsa at the side if you want.

Now slam the tray in the oven and time it for about 7 minutes. Use this time wisely to stack all the dishes and your mess into one corner of the kitchen and have some more margherita.

When the timer lets you know, check if the cheese has melted and is bubbling. Don't let it stay in for longer than 10 minutes in total, the nachos are supposed to be warmed and not burnt.

When it all looks perfect for your needs, take it out of the oven and serve hot.
if you'd like, best served with:
Guacamole and Sour cream to soothe a sensitive tongue, also hot salsa at the side for specially interested.

Can't go wrong! If you're a bad cook, just get your guests suitably drunk and they wont ever know.


Audun said...

Can't go wrong! If you're a bad cook, just get your guests suitably drunk and they wont ever know.

This is the best cooking tip ever, and we never learned it in "heimkunnskap".

heimkunnskap is roughly translated to "home knowledge", you learn stuff like cooking and washing and nourishment, and since there's no money for making food, you end up baking bread every wednesday, for a whole year. Good bread though. Unless one of the other groups sneaks experimental ingredients into your dough. Be sure to heat up a frying pan or something, to fend of attacking schoolmates.

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