Food fanatic

I woke up with the word "fanatic" in my head this morning, and I don't know why. I then proceeded to do what I like to do the most, which is to eat food.

So somehow, these two words got added together to create a seperate category of "Food Fanatics". Then I got to think of how great that would make it on my CV for later, you know:

- blah blah blah
- English and Norwegian pretty fluent, some random french
- Basic ability to understand Swedish and Danish
- Can count to ten in both Italian and German
- Sometimes I can remember the alphabet
- Know major parts of the times table
- Can draw chicken blindfolded
- Is also a Food Fanatic.

See how the Food Fanatic sort of finishes it all off so well? It adds elegance and gives an impression of having a rank, a meaning to yourself. Like a person that is engaged in political matters, or a person that is working hard to remove Nynorsk from the Norwegian students curriculum. And fanatic sounds so sophisticated if you don't know the exact meaning of it, you know. When you're not aware of it actually being obsessed with something.

I just need to define it. What is a Food Fanatic?


Anonymous said...

I'd say, someone like you...?

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