Links of a VIKING

Discover my dear, let your eyes dwell softly upon the Blogs and Sites I have linked on my sidebar.

In addition to all the ones I used to have, I have also added some hot new stuff - Then only to sort them alphabetically! WOW!

Light upon *poke* *poke* h-hello? the blog of tha bestest person there is, haven't been updated in a while I notice. But if you're looking for something random, brilliant and slightly out of the ordinary, I'm sure you'll find it satisfying.

Browse through Eat Foss a splendid blog about nothing and everything, very well written in addition! Might be for the specially interested, but if you want to learn more about the car called Flo, milk and Captain C*smic and the Daves, this is tha blog for you.

Visit Eat Mab which is basically just babble that haven't been updated EITHER, but that will secure you a laugh or ninety. Rawr.

Spot Earth, Wind & Water, Musings on life on earth, in the air and under the water. See the sparkling wildlife photos and learn lots of stuff about pineapples (I did!). A blog with a comfortable atmosphere.

Come upon Frankly my dear... This is my most recent discovery, a freshly started blogger tells you all there is to know about his cat and dog, perhaps even his Filofax or his noisy neighbours. He also drives a blue car and gives you little nibbles of random and amusing things! You'll all love it!

Bump into Foss n Lya Show the amazing show produced by a hot brit and a Norwegian with too many shoes. Together they're like dynamite and produce a show far beyond anything you've ever seen. The show has only but started, don't miss the climatic ending! GO SEE IT!

Perceive Phrost.co.uk, the website of Lewis, a friend I made through World of Warcraft. He shows what he can create in 3D, 2D or through web-design. Wonderful! He also makes games, animations and tutorials, the site is a bit starved of updates, but if you're lucky you'll catch one.

Observe Rehab the ranting place where I write shit about a fictional blogger. It's not very amusing right now, but it might be later on. Anyway, let's move on.

Nose out Ryaninja What is there to say? This is the blog of Ryan, he drives a motorbike, sometimes he's a bit emo, but most of the time he handles it well and can be fucking hilarious. Check it out, kkkkkkkkk.

Dig up Schpaa. If I previously used random in any of the other blog descriptions, well then this blog covers that even better. The blog is written by Kida and myself.

Ferret out (shit, running out of words) Get out of my fridge please This is written by a person I ALSO met through World of Warcraft. He's good at spouting shit, he's very tall and has a special and freaky sense of humour. He is obsessed with getting things out of his fridge, but is not completely fanatic. I think you'll like it.

Eye Things as they happen by Tom O'Brien. His posts can be very long at times, but he uses them well and can at times be quite funny :) He's got mullet hair and is a radio presenter, which makes him awesome and special.


Audun said...

The ryaninja one didn't work for me.

And I changed my blog name slightly. The old one was a bit too angry.

overdresser said...

Greetings from Malaysia!

nice blog u got here. Music from norway rocks.


Tora said...

Hi Overdresser!

And I was meaning to ask: what is "HIATUS"?

your blog name used to be Cup of Bitter Coffee, right?

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