"I cannot fathom how one's age can play such significant role and a deciding factor (...)"

I read this somewhere today. In somebody elses blog I believe it to be. And those words wouldn't have done anything to me a year ago, really, they wouldn't. But right now I think I can give some bigger meaning to them.

Sometimes the internet can be the best place to seek comfort or safety, to find an ear that listens closely, to find your own community, to meet new people.

I've never been good at guessing anyones age. If a woman walked up to me and asked me how old I think she is, experience confirms I'll miss it with about 12 years. I usually always safe it by guessing a few ages under what I really think.
After all, I don't want to offend anyone.
But it would be the same if someone I met across the internet asked me, experience confirms I'll miss with anything from 30 to 5 years. I wish I had prepared statistics for you.

Through this internet, were ages are even harder to define or to guess, or an ear that listens closely could be anyone anywhere at any age, I have grown more aware of the use of a persons age as a derogatery term. Being old makes you a pig, being young makes you dumb. Being somewhere in-between makes you perfect, you know everything, this also gives you the right to throw these years around you like they were yours to play with.

Do the screen just shelter us from the eyes of those who read what we type?
Or is it really used as a tool to push people underneath your giant ego, is it a way you can use a forum, a blog, a website, a commenting system or e-mails, to further chase the planet to evolve around you? Because that's what it does, doesn't it?

The planet is there purely for your excistence, you forget you have been young, you forget you used to think you knew everything, anyway that's just silly, you know everyhing now. You didn't know anything before. You need to guide those minds, to tell them how foolish they are. After all they will never understand how little they know unless you push that up their noses. Why make them think they know anything anyway? Why make them think they have an opinion, why listen to them speak?

And why turn to listen to those older than yourself? What do they have to tell you that can possibly be important?

You will never grow old and start telling other how things should be done.
You will never end up like them, down there. Evolving around you.

Old fools.

But age doesn't define the importance of a word. If I was twelve years old and told you I loved you, I would love just just as much, even though I was 77. It is the intention and thought behind a word that really matters. We cannot see the age of a person clrealy, especially not across the world, over the internet, like this. So why allow ourselves or others to show prejudice towards a person that is not as old as yourself?

To be your age. Is that wrong?


Foss said...

Being old makes you experienced. That doesn't mean you'll use that experience wisely.

Being young means you have massive potential, you're ready to unleash all kinds of talent, and you can soak up so much knowledge and gain new skills. That doesn't mean you'll realise that potential, or be willing to gain that knowledge.

Everyone's different, everyone has their own personality, and although age is a large part of it, it's certainly not everything. Upbringing, social status, education, peers... It all has an effect.

But you do make some fucking good points.

Audun said...

And you're saying my blog is emo!

hah! silly young girl!

R U liek ten or sumthing?

Tora said...

i's not all THAT emo, anyway

those who say others are emo are more emo themselves. ha!

Audun said...

I never said you were emo!



Tora said...

you called my blog emo! I'm a crazy-mutant - half blog, half human!

(I'm gonna be the next big thing after telly tubbies)

Audun said...

I only insinuated you were emo.



Tora said...

piss off!

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