My turbulent Relationship

Sometimes I find the similarities between a very emotionally unstabile person and my ipod to be strikingly many.

During summer people tend to be playful and loud, such do my iPod, it plays and plays and plays. Just like people do during summer.

Last year Norway hit the number one of the Top 10 of countries in Europe that bought the most accessories to their iPods. Due to obvious reasons of course, as I have learnt the hard way.

My iPod usually turned itself off when it got too cold, which would be at any time during the day a part from if it was plugged into a charger under a woolen blanket. Usually when my iPod died like this, I assumed it was out of batteries, though it was actually a cry for love.

Should I have bought expensive accessories and things that sparkle, or should I've done what I did, which was to press it against my warm chest, embracing it with love?

I hid the iPod in my bra. The perfect place to hide an iPod under cold conditions, this way it would feed off my warmth and play and play, just like in summertime. Though as I during several trips abroad had purchased heavy amounts of cleavaged garments found this method to be unrewarding in the long run. It became impossible to hide this huge white original-model iPod inside my tops.

My iPod froze me out.
Hated me, didn't play anything for me. Gave me the fucking silent treatment. I tried and tried, but it was only after those expensive accessories or the undying love of my warm body.

I chose neither.
And as a last note:
My iPod doesn't play me much music now, it slams doors shut in my face, yells at me and turns every little thing into a major fight.
Like "you never synchronise me with your iTunes library anymore! Why don't you love me? WHY DON'T YOU?!" *Throws vase* *screams* *slams doors*.

We are, indeed, my iPod and I, going through a really hard time.


Audun said...

Apparently you need bigger tits, To make the iPod concealment easier.

I'm sure you can get some cheap silicone off e-bay. Get a bottle of whisky and a scalpel, and you're set!

Tora said...

I know I need bigger tits :(

Don't need to be no rocket scientist to realise that :(


Audun said...

lets not bring the rocket scientists into this.

they could make you rocket tits though. hmmmmm


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