Dr. Crane

The long-necked bird known as a "Crane" is not the thing I'm talking about now.

I'm talking about those tall, GIANT, usually yellow cranes that are used at building sites. You see, they are absolutely huge! They are huge! Yet I have never seen them "folded up" or ever seen them being built or torn down. And I wonder how it's possible for something that big to be so invisible!

I'm starting to think they just grow up from dirt like mushrooms! They just pop up in-between the scenery as if they've always been there.

Always been over-dimensioned yellow cranes that nobody knows how got there.
I've asked a lot of people I know. And it seems it is either some sort of conspiracy, or the origin of these cranes is actually unknown among most people!

Where do they come from? How are they built? And what are they eating to become so huge?
Must be raisins.
Yellow raisins. Cranes only like things that are yellow.


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