Stinky has left the building

My only big brother moved out of the house today.
You will know him as Skjalg, which is ancient norwegian for "Cross-eyed" or "bent", but I have also granted him other nicknames, such as "Sharky-tom", "Glaiks", "Glarg" and "Stinky". He seemed relieved about finally leaving. So did I.
In fact.
I didn't just seem relieved, I am relieved. But we're mostly talking general pleasure of privacy!

Because he didn't just go to live in our grandparents basement to study and get fat, he also left a void.
Granting me a new bedroom in the attic, a box full of batteries, a drawer full of condoms, some CD's, a tin full of coins and countless porn-magazines.

So I'll get plenty of privacy to listen to music, read un-sophisticated literature while stuffing condoms full of batteries and flipping coins.

After eight years sleeping in a hallway, you understand why I'm finally happy about getting Stinky out of the way. So, so long Stinky!
Take care! <3


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