Jellyfish is teh mean to me

Yesterday, I woke up with Gnarls Barkley's "Smiley Faces" in my head. So I had to battle with LimeWire for ages before it would finally give me a song that was not a faux. I then felt like a guilty pirate and I bought "Smiley faces" from iTunes instead.

I then had breakfast with my strange family, it was my cancer-infected-stepdads birthday, so we had set it all up nicely. We then packed our stuff and went to the beach! It was lovely weather and it was all wonderful and we were all alone and topless. My older sister and my older brother went to a very famous (and expensive) bakery called Pascal and bought this delicious chocolate cake that we enjoyed at the beach.

We even made our freaky water-hating rottweiller dive into the sea by own free will. Though as we went for a last little dip, this tiny jellyfish came out of nowhere when I was underwater, it had these long thread-tentacle thingies and grabbed my face and the entire right side of my body! Eeep. It hurt quite a lot. It was stinging and itching and hurting, making me restlessly moving around. Went home right after and hopped in the shower.

Then rubbed myself with the gel of wonders called Fenistil. It made it all better, in case of my face, it made the pain go completely away.

It certainly saved my day.
Thank you Fenistil, I love you!


Wivyx said...

I finally get why you were so obsessed with that Gel on the Dragonmaw forums. :)

Great fun reading your blogs btw. <3

Og hvorfor skirver jeg engelsk? :)

Tora said...

det må du ikke spørre meg om. Det blir vel en vane sak.

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