Since everyone in Norway bring their own lunch to school and work, there's a very limited service for food at school and work places.

Some offices have a café or a cafeteria, schools from 8th grade and up also have a few dairy products for sale. From 1st to 7th grade, on the other hand, ever since 1971, have provided a service called "School-milk". Norwegians drink a LOT of milk. We swallow it down in bucket loads, use it for basically everything within cooking and insist on it's healthy qualities. The Norwegians have always been very proud of their huge intake of milk.

For an annual fee, pupils from 1st-7th grade get milk at school. Usually the class representative(s) have as a job to run to the school kitchen to fetch the milk during lunch.
I've witnessed many different kinds of classes, were most of them had a "race" to be allowed to go fetch the milk. While others have actually reduced themselves to tears to be excused from going to get it.
I've never experienced a full class that pay for milk though, and those that have done it (like myself) usually used the milk to toss it around the classroom, spill it all over, throw it out, empty it over somebody, leave it in the schools air-shafts for future pain or simply drink it. Few have actually used the last alternative.

You can still get School Milk for your Norwegian children in school.

Edit: Apparently you don't need a license to get school milk at school.


Foss said...

We used to get this service when I was much younger, but Maggie Thatcher cancelled it when she was Prime Minister. We now called her Maggie Thatcher The Milk Snatcher.

Smylexx said...

The school i went to was so posh that we didn't have "school milk". We had a "school Cow"! Each day a new daily bovine would be delivered to each pupil. The udder-touting beast would then be "hand-milked" by an exciting milkmaid who, for half your dinner money, would also "milk" the pupil too. Ahhh Happy days.

1960 said...

Yep, we had free milk at school when I was little. We used to have milk monitors.

I remember one day we were using the empty milk crates in the schoolyard as sledges on the ice. When the bell went for lessons we left them there.

Later that day we were told that the Milkman had fallen over some abandoned crates while he was carrying in full crates.

Well, he should have been looking where he was going, especially in the ice.

Audun said...

I've heard about the Iron Lady, but Maggie Thatcher the Milk Snatcher is simply assmazing

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