So, here we are.
Starting on my newly themed blog I will now introduce you to the most important thing in a Norwegians life.

- Lunch, aka "matpakke" which means "foodpackage". This is though, precisely what it is. (our primitive language has certain benefits that way, we always mean what we say, and never use more words then necessary, a reason why we also suck at "small talk").

The lunch the way Norwegians see it, is very strange. For some odd reason, most Norwegians are very economic (greedy, cheap bastards) so we rarely buy luch at work or when out at all. It is only with impulses from the greater Europe we have achieved things as cafeterias and food services at work (and on a few number of schools).
The "matpakke" is a very fascinating phenomenon that comes from unknown branches of the Norwegian culinary traditions.

Wrapping food in paper, and bringing it wherever you might go can be done as this:
You will need "matpapir" (foodpaper)
brød (bread)
pålegg (på-legg, on-lay, something you put/lay on your bread, preferably other types of food.)

The way you wrap your matpakke is different from household to household and passed on from parents to children. Some also make up their own, which are not always as successful.

it is that simple. BUT, of course the "pålegg" must preferably be of a certain Norwegian standard, this puts brown cheese (brunost) and pig liver paté (leverpostei) on top of the list. The paté can be decorated with cucumber without breaching any matpakke laws.


Foss said...

"The paté can be decorated with cucumber without breaching any matpakke laws."

When I read that, I laughed 'til I nearly pissed.

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