Many places in the world have famous landmarks, preferably they'd be tall (like the Big Ben, Eiffel tower, tower of Pisa, statue of liberty, and so on).

So, the Norwegians decided to make one of their own! And as by so many others, we picked the height version.
Holmekollbakken in Oslo gets over a million visitors each year, which makes it one of Norways most visited tourist attractions. The top of the ski jump tower is a breath taking 60 meters above ground!!! And 417 meters above sea level! So compared with other "tower-like" attractions from other corners of the world (Eiffel tower 300 meters tall, Tower of Pisa 56 metres tall, Statue of liberty 46 metres tall) the Holmenkollen ski jump tower beats two out of three.

... oh, and lunch is over, so I'll be back later.. Back!

Still we have a lot to learn when it comes from entertainment value, customer service, placing our attractions somewhere central (and not up some hill with lots of fog). But it doesn't seem as if we've ever tried to learn from other countries in the ways of entertaining people.

This is because Norway has never had the need for tourism, it is not an important part of our economy, and if people stopped visiting Norway, the influence on our daily lives would be tiny.

Yes, because we rarely ever see tourists in Norway, and when we do, it's because they are lost, confused or bored (true story!). Tourists avoid seeking Norwegians as much as possible, simply because we are rude, speak bad english, we are unkind, not helpful and inpatient.

oh wouldn u like to kno? Well i have mroe impotrant tings to do then to anser yor stupid qestions or write blogss. Piss off.


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