Spring, spring is closing in, this means lots of fun and 1st of May (we have this day off school and work to mark Workers union stuff) 17th of May (the day in 1814 when we got our constitution aka. "independence day" aka. ice cream day) and of course, more importantly, the russ. I will add to this as May comes closer.

Because right now, it's still April! And the weather in Oslo is depressing. March 28th was official first day of spring (the day when the temperature would be on an average above 0 C) but still the traces of spring have been few.

To brighten up the runny mud, the rests of the polluted black snow, the naked trees and the gray sky, I thought I'd list all the things that indicate spring in Norway.
- the first flowers! Hestehov, blåklokke, skilla, hvitveis and krokus
- dry pavements
- icecream stands on Aker Brygge
- the trees are sprouting tiny green leaves
- the days are longer, the sun appears!
- people are happier
- you don't have to put so much clothes on when you leave the house
- mild, spring breezes
- drinking outside, in the forest, by the river
- walking the streets at night, with friends and drinks (May 1st)
- "fuler, og blomstej, og fajgej og sol" (Quote: Liv Elin, thank you for your inspiration <3) It means "bijds, and flowejs, and coloujs and sun" (birds, and flowers, and colours and sun).

and lots of lots of LOVE! ..... erhm.. and the snow melts.

Happy spring!


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