Yes, I changed it.

I did find "Chickmonster" to be slightly angsty, a little emo and teenagery too, so yes, yes I changed it.

I have recently, actually just during the last year, gained a huge curiousity towards Norwegians, as myself. Now this might seem a bit self sentered and unoriginal, but I really feel it's about time someone told the truth about Norway.


So that we don't get any more of those practical eskimo jokes.

So that they stop mentioning "The king of Norway" in the Police Acadamy films (yes we are insulted you heartless bastards)

So that people wont actually be buying the "I have a pet penguin" story whenever I go abroad.

So (hopefully) people will love Norway and we'll get tourists that will help us economically the day when our oil dries out.

So the Norwegians as a people will be mocked and hated so that we will stay a minority (a good looking one, I must add) and will be left alone still.

So that I could finally find peace in my soul by spreading the knowledge about a truly fascinating people to five or six other people that might randomly pop by.

Thank you, and yes, before you ask, I HAVE actually eaten whale. hah.


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