"matpakke" when on "tur"

More lunch, obviously. This type of lunch (matpakke), is to be had when out on a "tur". Of course it is not the same type of matpakke as you would enjoy when at work or at school.
Skiing, a very important activity for the Norwegians, must be combined with other equally important things. Like, lunch (the matpakke of course) your family, the mountains, snow, fresh air, and most importantly, few people. As few people as possible, Norwegians don't like other people, especially not if they interfer with their skiing.

As a part of the matpakke, one brings other essential skiing accessories, like: Hot chocolate (kakao), the classical Norwegian fruit “appelsin”, orange (no, seriously, you have to bring oranges on your skiing trip, or you will be classified as the biggest ski-tard ever). Raisins of course, which is my personal favourite and a must, some also bring sausages in a hot water thermos, but that is only for the more experienced matpakkeneers.

Of course I have left out one very important detail, on purpose actually to give it a bit more of a dramatic effect.
The Kvikk lunsj. a dear product of the famous Norwegian chocolate fabricant Freia, recently (not that recently anymore) bought and now owned by Kraft foods, which is an American company.

The Kvikk lunsj consists of biscuits (similar to lady fingers, if you’ve ever had those) draped in a cover of fine, Norwegian, milk chocolate.

This must all be enjoyed carefully together with your normal matpakke (lunch), the kakao (cocoa/hot chocolate), the appelsin (oranges), the rosiner (raisins) and the “pølser” (sausages) (-if you happen to be so professional to bring those).


Foss said...

That looks like Kit Kat, by Nestle. That's a chocolate Kit Kat, and not a Kat, I'm a kitty kat, and i dance dance dance and i mew mew mew.

If I ever have a son, I shall name him. His first name will be Mat, and his second name Pakke. Mat Pakke Foster. That will be his name.

If I have a daughter, I'll just give her away to someone else.

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