There is a word in Norwegian for the term "Going together with your family as far away from other people as possible". It's called "tur" roughly translated to "tour/trip/go for a walk" etc. And is used probably several times a day, perhaps more then "matpakke".

The main purpose of "tur" is to get exercise, fresh air, preferably also some "time with the family" AND most important, something to brag about.

oooh yes, Norwegians love to show off the things they have done. The longer they walked that saturday, the fewer people they met, the better "matpakke" they ate, the more positive children they had, the more family members joining on the trip.. the better.

Of course is the walking distance very important, for every kilometre you add, the more hate you will get from other Norwegians. It is very weird that way, that nobody actually "likes" people that have walked longer than them, eaten more "matpakke" than them, but still. oh yes, one pushes it up other peoples faces.

Norwegians is a competative species, and lives mostly of other peoples disgust by their "tur" achievements. The only way to get back at them, yes, is to walk further, be further away from civilazation and smile broader.

A vicious circle, like those vicious circles one walk around the mountains for ages and ages, suffering from the consequenses of the compulsary disease that all Norwegian men catch when becoming fathers.

Unable to define distance.

"just around the corner"
"five more minutes"
"just over that hilltop"
"soon there now"

Fathers talking the truth of course, will suffer from crying children and a severe lack of morale.
This might cause him to lose face if he is to run into someone else (God forbid) perhaps, even worse, from work.

So, just a little tip to any one of you that might go for a walk in Norway, don't ever say "see that mountain over there? and that glacier just between to the left? beyond that, there's a mountain just behind that. Do you see it? yes that one.

That's not even halfway"

Lying, is a key here.


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