He was walking out the door, on his way to the shop
then something appeared before him, with a tiny little 'pop',

it was no other than Willy Wizard of wizardness
his hat was bent and his hair was a mess

'I'm out of cash, could you lend me some?'
said Willy Wizard, the begging bum.

'I'm sorry, I'm a bit short as well'
said the man, and though 'go to hell'.

But unlucky for the thinking man
Willy was part of a mindreading clan

and by the time he had reached for the stairs
he was flattened by a heap of chairs

and then Willy shoved up his ass
a tiny, crystal white wine glass.

so the moral is dear readers, today
if you insult a wizard, then run away
Coldplay - Don't panic
Katie Melua - I cried
Arctic monkeys - Riot van

I want November, I heard Royksopp - What else is there today, and it reminds me of November. Dark, cold November, horrible time of the year, but I still long for it.


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