The things that ring a bell when I hear the word coke:

The launching of the new Coke ZERO in Norway - that by the way has had a huge success.
What a lot of people are not aware of is that the artificial sweetener called Aspartame is added in this "new" soft drink, Coke Zero.
Aspartame used to be the sweetener in Diet Coke, but was replaced with sucralose in 2005 because of the danger. The Coca Cola Company (c) has now simply indirectly relaunched the old version of Diet Coke under a new name.

Apparently aspartame can damage your cardiac conduction system and can cause otherwise healthy people without previous symptoms of heart disease to drop dead. This is known as Sudden cardiac death.
I assume this is a bit of an exaggeration and over 8. 000 products worldwide contain aspartame, we are pretty much screwed anyway. But what does provoke me is the relaunch of an old product under a new name, also when the old product was changed due to health risks. They make us buy that old shit over again. Cheeky.

Other things that ring a bell when I hear the word "coke" is definitely the films Pulp Fiction and It's All Gone Pete Tong. Now talking about the drug, cocaine. The best part of blogging about cocaine just now was reading about it first. The website www.cocaine.org is the first website I have ever seen that is actually promoting something so dangerous. To quote this here it actually says:

"Crack-cocaine delivers an intensity of pleasure completely outside the normal range of human experience. It offers the most wonderful state of consciousness, and the most intense sense of being alive, the user will ever enjoy."

Well knowing that after seeing the two previously mentioned films I will never ever ever do cocaine. Especially not after It's all Gone Pete Tong featuring the cocaine badger. Eeep. That badger is enough to keep your kids of drugs for LIFE. Drugs - don't do it kids! Or the badger will getcha!



Foss said...

That's all well and good, by why post the picture of me first thing in the morning?

Tora said...

That is not you sir.
That is the cocaine badger sir.
Not to be rude to you sir, but you are wrong this time sir, this is the cocaine badger, not you first thing in the morning sir.


Audun said...

zomg, that cocaine badger looks just like you, sarge.

I bet he has a crack in his bath-tub too.

crack. in the bath-tub. get it?


Kala said...

That's pretty sneaky of Coke if you ask me. I'm referring to the company. Aspartame is accused of many side effects yet they use it. Also, nice badger ;p

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