Meanwhile, somewhere deep deep in the jungle

By Lamin Chorr Nilsen. (c)

Currently at display at the annual Autumn Exhibition in Oslo, The Høstutstilling.

I've been there twice, there were a few installations and paintings, films and even a few sculptures. I liked some of it, while I think the majority of the art has basically been too busy trying to provoke than rather inspire or communicate. Personally I don't find it important for art to reflect society or to get you thinking, to toss shit at people or to get me annoyed or upset. If art is able to inspire me, to get my mind going a little. I quite enjoy to stand still and just look, you know, just stare (no, I wasn't referring to the above painting, mind you. You're like a living sexual innuendo, aren't you?) but really, just loose myself in something and suck it all in. (no!)

Really I don't give a damn camels nostril about the motive behind it or the technique developed in the process, I don't really mind the thought behind it, the hate or whatever it is trying to display or publicly shame. It doesn't matter!

If the work in itself can be enjoyed in some way, that it can have the right shape and form, the right position and ....

okay, I've had enough. If you can't stop bringing up that painting I have to remove it, you know that? Alright?

Well I was just about finished anyway.
Point is, you can find a deeper meaning to anything around you if you just WANT to, but that doesn't mean that you HAVE to do it. Everything doesn't have to have an answer or a meaning to it. If I draw a person, I don't necessarily know who that person is, but that doesn't matter either. We are able to be captivated by the art in itself, not all these mind-flaring, far-fetched, so-called deep sense in it, those are just poor excuses for why the art is unoriginal and (in some cases) just morbid, perverted ideas come alive.


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