Dangling dangle danglers

Lots of things that dangle are on the brim of extinction, like Tree Sloths and Dangling Dangle Danglers. I don't know if you've ever heard of Dangling Dangle Danglers before, but they are oscillating, shiny little creatures that live in waterpipes.

The Dangling Dangle Danglers, also known as Haereo Pensilis Propexus (latin for hang on to, hanging, hanging down), are usually very quiet lifeforms and are not considered vermins or pests. The use of Haereo Pensilis Propexus in eco-systems is purely for decoration, as their shiny, round and red bodies illuminate and glow when they are sleeping.

When Dangling Dangle Danglers are awoken to quickly, they will let out loud schreeching and whining sounds. You can often hear this when taking a shower, watering your garden with a hose or using the water tap.

The Haereo Pensilis Propexus has no specific use, they live off minerals found in rust and tap water, being relaxed creatures. However, the Dangling Dangle Danglers are far from lazy, being quite acrobatic where they are hanging from the ceiling of waterpipes. The Dangling Dangle Danglers are, as seahorses, monogamous, they can spend months trying to get the attention of the opposite sex and if it turns out right, they spend their lives together. They lay about 200-500 eggs at a time, in small sacks, these egg-sacks have a strong resemblance with porridge, but are not considered a special culinary treat.

As the Haereo Pensilis Propexus are now about to be completely extinct, there are several things you can do to help these little creatures. Here's a two things:
- Always flush when using a toilet facility
- Never pour liqour or alcoholic beverages down drains

And if you want to be extra helpful:
- add a spoon of strawberry jam to the water in your tub before pulling the prop out.

Thank you!


sigrid said...

Du er faen meg temmelig fucked!

Audun said...

nei, hva er detta for noe språk da jente?

skam deg!


Pollywantsacookie said...

Sigrid da!

Her kommer Tora aka. Lya med en informativ tekst og alt du har å komme med er seksuelle referanser!

Tusen takk for denne kunnskapsrike teksten tora!

Ha en fin dag :)

Hvis det er noen som er temmelig fucked så må det være Linda Lovelace! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porn_star)

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