The name of the Norwegian cult that worship the number pi which is 3,14.
The number of the circle.

The Church of pi, reside in Porsgrunn, Norway.
Read their Article of Faith in English!

Their slogan is “La sirkelen rulle”, which means ”let the circle roll” .

I must say, I’m intrigued.


Addnamehere said...

I am a representative from the church of pi (aka. the holy number)and I would like to say that pi is more like approximately 3.14159 :P


Let the circle roll!

Foss said...

After talking to you about faith last night, are you revealing the direction in which you wish to go, or are you just babbling again?


Audun said...

I believe in cetqmp


Tora said...

Just exploring my options Foss, just exploring my options.

I'll let you know if I make my mind up.

Ryaninja said...

Have you sen the film pi? Weird, but good, like requiem for a dream, that was done by the same director...

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