My dear you

I don't know why it feels as if my stomach has multiplied and is now stacking itself in cascades up through my nose, but I think it has something to do with Robbie Williams.

I know life hasn't been easy on him, that his breath smells like a thousand fags, when he's drunk he dances like his dad, and that he's started, to dress a bit like him. I know that every morning when he wakes up, he looks like kiss but without the make-up, and that's a good start to take it to the bridge.

And I know and I know, that his life's a mess, and he's trying to grow, but this is SHIT.
Robbie, honey, you are trying to hard. You are trying so hard it sounds like they just had you castrated.

You sound like George flipping Michael, all I want to do now, is to cry. Alright. This is hopeless.
Out, get out, get out NOW.
Get the fuck out Robbie. Get out and stay out.


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