The thing i I particularly watched her make was sublime: It was her thesis, the Thinktanker, a Very Large Crude Carrier made into a driving mobile global argument for the environment. How brilliant! How Norwegian! And what a vindication of an admiring teacher's fondest dreams, insight, imagination, the completely unexpected, all beautifully drawn.

Annika succeeded enormously. I was delighted after just a little time to realize how appropriate it was that the King of Norway then actually got to meet her. Justin, she and I continued to talk thereafter mostly on the subway platform about truth and beauty, notably, their ambitious plans for the drop-in toilet. They were off, it was beautiful to behold and we were all transformed by them. We were in touch with everything that mattered.

Justin asked me to say these words because he thought, kind friend, I might not break down. Before I do, let me send all my love to him and this last time, to Annika.

Words from the Memorial
September 16th, New York
by Prof. Paul S. Byard, Columbia University.

In memory of my beloved aunt, Annika,
August 29th. 1971 - September 10th 2004.


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