Because it is only but appropriate

Of me, to on this emotionally turbulent day, to wish all of them with close relatives involved in the episode 5 years ago good luck coping!

I know it's not easy, I even visited the site of it all myself in 2004, it was, it was very very awkward. I know most of you have so many tough thoughts about the subject, and really there shouldn't be anything wrong with talking about it, but for some, it might just feel so wrong.

The cost of lives, the cost of friends and family, I'm just so sorry for all of you, that's really the only thing I can say as it is right now.
We have something to learn from what happened, as what doesn't kill us (or kills others incidentally) makes us stronger. If a car accident leaves us paralyzed from the neck and down this term wouldn't really be fit, so let's say "what doesn't kill you, makes you a bit more wiser". Though I believe nobody has actually been killed by a song for example, so that wouldn't be entirely correct either.

But to stop the silly running around in circles, we still have something to learn from all this.
Do NOT play with marbles and raging dressed-up hobbits on the annual Marble Festival in Hamar.

It just saddens me so much to think about it....
.... those marbles.. *sobs*
so far up that hobbit's arse... It must've hurt like hell!


Foss said...

Comedy. Fucking. Genius.

And what a perfect day to unleash it, too!

Today's captcha word: ajqdpika

Fuckin' PIKA?!?!

Audun said...

I give up.

How the fuck do I bump something on this forum?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?


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