Meet Jamontigo!

As I came out of the shower I noticed there was left a huge cardboard box on my doorstep. I unwrapped it curiously.
The logo on it indicated it contained flowers! And never in my life have I received flowers from anyone but my mother, so this came as quite a surprise!

Even more surprisingly came Jamontigo! Because it was not just a flower, it was a plant! A wonderful plant with a big red flower!

I placed him next to my sofa in my new room, right underneath the stereo where he could listen to Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band with me. I named him Jamontigo.
Today I took Jamontigo out for a walk in the garden and repotted him properly.

When I came back from shopping he had left me a note on my bed that said:

So I moved Jamontigo so he could live on the opposite end of the sofa, where there would be no attic-door that would make him cold. Now he lives together with my four favourite pairs of shoes, and he can see me all the time, so he doesn't feel neglected in a corner, because plants often are, he told me.

Suddenly it's not so lonely up in the attic anymore!


Audun said...

nice plant!

Foss said...

nice bush!


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