The Great Fårikål Day 2006

Every year Norwegians supposedly celebrate the "Fårikål" Day, this we have (supposedly) done for TEN years now.

Fårikål is a very simple meal to create, the name being the recipe in itself. "Fårikål" means "Sheepincabbage" and it can hardly get more obvious than that.
There are of course more ingredients, but nobody names a course "Sheepcabbagepeppersaltwaterandalittlebitoflourboilsfor-
severalhoursandisbestservedwithpotatoes" Because that is a very silly thing to do, long names are harder to remember than short names.

So today there will be served from 1500-1600 kilos of "Fårikål" in front of the City Hall for everyone that wants to have some.

Personally I have the annual pleasure of getting served "Fårikål" twice as often as everyone else, as my divorced parents find it best to make it at different times, preferably when I will be around.
Not that I mind.

No no.


Anonymous said...

I love the Great Fårikål Day! This is the only day I can dress up as a cabbage and get away with it!

Mmmmm Caaaaabbaaaage :P

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