Swyiv! Swyiv!

Shoes walking off all by themselves? I'm left alone barefoot to the right:

Picture taken by Mushrooms & Muffins in Media lesson (c)

The weather in Oslo has been varied the last few days. No badger storms - YET.
Youtube.com has been taking most of my time recently, my favourite video will be linked on request, because I think if I linked it randomly Foss will have me killed.
Incense is proving itself, again, to be a complete waste of mass on earth, as usual.
Velocity girl by Snow Patrol and Going Missing by Maxïmo Park are still excellent songs.

Thankyou and Hold tight.


1960 said...

Go on then, tell us.

Foss said...

I can get a record player,
and a generator,
Generate the music that makes you feel better.

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