Been blogging for one year and a day!

Whoop! How incredibly amusing, I have actually updated this blog an entire year, not bad - eh?.
And now, for something completely different:

Last night, I discovered something lurching around in the bushes outside my room. Since I was incredibly busy sticking my feet out the window, I did not bother to take any notice to it, but after a short while: I simply had to! Being a bit tired I found it very hard to clarify exactly what it was, but it was making this sucking. pulsating, squirming sound, just like somebody were vacuuming the insides of a watermelon. Of course I discovered that it was not a pulsating and squirming vacuumer sucking the juice out of a melon - it was, in fact: A deadly-razor-hopping-spider-reptile-sneezer-with-wheels. And this was an exceptionally large one too.

Since I had never seen one of these before, I was unpleasantly suprised at first, you know the deal: twitching up ones face to express the deepest disgust and then heavy up-pinching of nostrils, eyebrows and chin. After going through the whole "eeeew" procedure, I wanted to poke it a bit, which is naturally always the thing that follows finding something that is rather revolting. Well, thing is, I do not usually keep a stick well suited for poking in my room, so I had to find the second-best thing to poke something repulsive with, which at the time seemed unavoidibly to be - Tim the cross-eyed giraffe my left leg.

This morning I was sooo excited to hear that crutches are SO trendy, and is going to be the No. 1 fashion accessorie this winter.

A part from that: WH0OP-who0p-WHOoP-Kaaaaaaaa-CHING!


Audun said...

what was your Torstein doing up on the attic, skateboarding?



Foss said...

"crotches are SO trendy"

Tora dear, I do hope you mean crutches?

like a walrus, but with a sverdfiske nose for prodding things.

Anonymous said...

If foss is right, that you do mean crutches, and not cortches, you are right. they are trendy ;) You should try racing one of your friends (if there's no ice outside that is), you'll probably outrun yout friend without any trouble at all!
Else, I just wanted to say that I hope you consider becoming a writer. Not only does it seem like you enjoy writing, you're also really good at it! I love reading your blog, and I normally never bother to check the updates on these things, but yours I do. It's not so much what you write (this a blog after all), it's the way you write it. Somehow you manage to make everything interesting and funny. I think you'd make a great author! Keep up the good work:D


sigrid said...

kjæreste tora, kjæreste?

Tora said...

<3 på teh klorfrosk. Thank you so much

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