Life is round, has a hole in the centre and makes no sense whatsoever

A circle is the shape that symbolizes everything that goes on forever. A circle goes around, and after going around; it goes around again, and then again; around one more time, always.
We have other shapes to simulate the same motion, but a circle - we are certain - if complete: Goes on forever.

If love eternal; decides to stay with us until the end of time - love is much like a circle too, this certain love of course, that will never end (the love that goes around and round).

Life is not just to be alive, life is to give and take, teach and learn, to hold and let go of. The only thing we know for sure is that we won’t get out of it alive. But life is not just about being alive, life is about loving, and if our love is eternal, may life then go on forever? A different plane of reality where to breathe will not be necessary, that can be life too, can it not? Will we (our spirit and soul) cease to exist?

Let’s say that life is like that then, it will end, but not completely, our heart will stop to beat, technically we will die, though our life will be round – embraced by love that will never end. Like a doughnut.

But if we are dead, our senses will not sense.

And if we like to believe in this, then after death maybe life is round, has a hole in the centre and makes no sense whatsoever.


Foss said...

Let your mind feast on the pie of discovery, and be sure to circumnavigate the whirlpools of despair in the yacht of your imagination.

Life is a snake eating it's own back-end. Love is a horse, with all it's legs in 2 dimensions.

sigrid said...

mye kjærlighet på deg om dagen eller?

Tora said...

jaaaadaaa masse.

Mye mer enn det blir på deg - for å si det sånn!

JADA, den satt kan jeg tenke meg.

Audun said...

don't forget about the knives, foss.

don't forget about the knives.

(they are sharp)


Shaddit, queue up.

Darkkis said...

Shameless rip-off! :D

Tora said...


Darkkis said...

Totally agree with the above post.

Tora said...

Well I knot it was a rip-off, I should've spelled that out somewhere


I'll do that, yes. *makes mental note*

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