Digitalo, Landmark, Bergen, Norway

DJ Skatebård & Balthazar kicked ass this Saturday (November 3rd).
(at Landmark, Kunsthallen, Bergen, Norway - if I may feel so obliged to inform you).

My sister and I literally danced until the lights went on. The roof lifted completely, it was crazy. It was like the beginning of a completely new era of italo-disco, they played samples of hi-nrg one could only dream of! Dance music from the deepest, most secret depths of your head-brain appeared, and came true.


The experience was not only in the fabulous music - which I enjoyed every second of - but also all the awesome people that were there. It was a cool-ness way above what you may call cool, and the place was hot. The DJ's looked awesome, it was style from beginning to end (when they did a mix of Prodigy's "No Good For Me", and that I believe it to be unecessary to say; was the perfect finish). Wish there was awesomeness like this in Oslo!

All I have to say is, if you get the chance, don't hesitate; go there!


(Skal vi)Danse-Sigrid said...

JAAAA! Det var fantastisk! Kom tilbake snart, så kan vi leke mer!

Calu said...

This raises one importent question - Was the beer any good?! no, really was it?!

Tora said...

i don't know, I didn't have any of it.

But come and we'll find out!

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