Many things should be illegal, but above all I believe that making a remix of music that I love should be one of them.

I don't give much of a hat if Craig David decides to do a cover of "Hot Stuff - Let's Dance', or if Gym Class Heroes get a lot of credit, even though they stole their chorus of 'Cupids Chokehold' from Supertramp's 'Take a Look at My Girlfriend'.
But when Kanye West steal the sexy lines from Daft Punk's brilliant homework to create the song 'Stronger' - which is a waste of space, by the way - someone should be arrested.

And, not to forget Fergie's gruesome rape of The Verve's beautiful 'Bittersweet Symphony' in her inter-stinky smell-smell remix of that song and her own 'London Bridge'.
Jail I say! Lifetime! How can they do these things? Why do they get away with it?
I think they should start making their own, bloody music. And lay off the good shit.


Smylexx said...

Then again, didn't The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony contain samples of 'The Last Time' by The Rolling Stones which almost got the record into lots of legal trouble?

I do agree with you though... Mark Ronson's version of The Smiths classic 'Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before' made me throw up a bit in my mouth.

Calu said...

Hmm - I agree to some degree but then again, the owners of the songs being sampled. But some of them could go on for rape charges.. good example - The Elvis song that was done a few years back which made it into a dance song *pukes*.

Oh, on a side note, I voted twice or was it 3 times?(cant remember)in your vote! *manically crackly*..

Audun said...

That picture is spactastic! Is it of a dog you know?

Some remixes can be cool, but not when teh wrong people does it. And the way Fatboy Slim samples Signsis really cool too.

Tora said...

yeah, it was a remix of "A Little Less Conversation", I remember that.

And I didn't know that about the Rolling Stones Smy, I guess they're aaaall sinners in the eyes of music-sampling

mum said...

And who wrote the remix of Pink Floyds "Education"-song thingy?

Makes grown men cry. (seen it by myself)

Smylexx said...

That was Eric Prydz..pryudz? Pryyydez? You know, that bloke with the ACE video with the girlys who do keep fit and stuff.

The video lacked otters but still managed to make me tingle in my swimsuit area. Most uncommon.

Audun said...


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