Of course the most brilliant medicines can't be produced. I am already suspecting that they have a cure for the most horrid things, that science already have been victorious against - but we still have to suffer with. Imagine if there was a cure against getting pregnant, haha, everyone would just run around and have sex all the time, everywhere! ...

Forgetfulness! I'm sure there is an academic way of being reminded and remember everything, but if people started using this all the time, we wouldn't be using our head on our own - so we'd be helpless without it. Even though it would be a great invention, that many people would be grateful for, and that maybe could help make our planet a better place to be. The disaster that would occur if something happened, and we wouldn't be able to get hold of it anymore is inconcieveable.

Think if there was an antidote to smoking, or drug-addiction, even to caffeine and sugar-holics. This might already excist you know, but then what would we learn from our abuse? We'd just quit, then go back at it if we liked to, because there was always away out of it again. We wouldn't learn anything about our past mistakes, we could twist our course of life, help a lot of people who need to get out of their condition. But man is way too selfish for such a tool, something so powerful, we have the statistics against us. Again. We'd abuse it just like a drug.

Imagine there was a cure against being hungover! The damage would never end! People would drink the rivers dry, and hand in their livers way before they became of age! It would be madness to publish a discovery like that. Mankind isn't made for these temptations, and the punishments have to be hard, or else we wont be able to control ourselves.
Then perhaps I am being too negative here, maybe we could in fact handle it, there's a chance.
But I don't honestly believe it myself, at least not until I see it!


Audun said...

Oh, can I call dibs on the idiot-antidote? I've been after it for years.

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