900 - Letter to Singapore

Dear Sigrid

I wouldn't say a lot has happened since you left. It has after all only been two days. But truthfully it kind of feels like a long time. Maybe because we've known about it and thought about it for such a long time it was if you already belonged in Singapore. Though of course, you do belong here, too. The weather's been rather gloomy, we're all slowly getting ill. Torstein is, Hamre and me, too. So the house is now just filled with snot, and dog's hair. Hamre, Torstein and Mum are driving down to Sweden tomorrow to take over our new summerhouse. They are bringing so much stuff with them that they've rented a van. We're all quite looking forward to seeing it and spending time together there. If the dogs knew what was going on, they'd be psyched too.

As for school we are already working on a case project in teams. Preparing a complete high conceptual design for a browser-based computergame in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. We have this one German guy in the group, he's good fun, but his ideas are pretty far out most of the time. And the introduction to the project was rather poor - so the teams are running about, frustrated and confused about what we are actually supposed to be doing. And there's a lot of formalities and paperwork that is time consuming, but most of it is fun to do, and some time in the future of the project we'll be pleased to have all that documentation. ... I hope.

Ulla is getting her hair cut today, it's necessary actually. And tomorrow night there'll be this huuge party at Betong for the entire school. Though I am not sure too many will show up. I wonder if anybody know it's happening, that's usually were we go wrong. Forgetting to hand out the invitations. But oh well.

We miss you and we think of you all the time, we'll all come visit sometime too, and then we'll bring you Norwegian necessities. And you have to take me to the botanical gardens because we didn't get a good look at the bonsai tree garden!

With love, Tora.

Here is a picture of you, doing what you do best - be fascinated and soulful on something really weird. Like this magnificent castle in Portugal you are here studying the map of. Too bad it came out blurry!

Oh, and this is, incidentally my post number 900! Whoha.


Sigrid Margrethe Schrødter Teig said...

buuuu nå sitter jeg på jobb og gråååter!!!

Anonymous said...

Det gjør faktisk jeg også.....
Skriv en e-post av og til da Sigrid, og du også Tora.
Tante Bister

Audun said...

Aahahahahahahaha, grineunger!!!!


Ha det fint i Singapore!

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