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I have spent the last couple of days playing SimCity Civilization which I bought for a shameless price at Game. It looked rather poor to be honest, but I was very nostalgic about the entire SimCity concept, and seeing it was so cheap - I could just try ut out to see if it was any good.

Now, the game isn't very balanced at all. To progress you can't really build the city of your dreams. There will always be elements that destroy the image of your creative spree, in fact I'm almost insulted at how "restricted" it feels when not playing in "free play" mode. Most claims are reasonable, like the city needs electricity and prosperity, but that creativity, authority and spirituality are all equally mandatory is annoying. Because all these different "needs" work as a currency system. Some buildings cost a certain amount of authority, but gains you prosperity - for example.

The general happiness of your SimCitizens is also very important to keep a healthy city, so if you allow one of the "currencies" to grow too far, you will obviously drop down on other, and such cause unhappiness.

Not that it's a problem, the game isn't very difficult, and the different themes for venues, workplaces and homes are awesome. The skyscrapers look beautiful at night time, and you are able to create at least moderately stylish cities without "being unbalanced". *SnorT*

I like it. If I'd bought it full price it might've been different. But in essence it's nice, and I want to keep playing all the time, completely immerse and forget about space and time around me. Which is a quality this game still have, despite of not being the ancient original game.

And I just saw the Zelda: Twilight Princess trailer again, and now I just want to run downstairs and plug my Wii in. Iiih!!


Audun said...

I recommend gog.com for games. You can get old titles for like 30-90kr, including Settlers2. They are all re-made to work with XP and Vista, 32- and 64-bit (All the old ones are just emulated really). Still, they're cheap, DRM-free and you don't need to worry about keeping the CD or such about.

You still need to pick up a copy of Settlers 6. The towns there end up looking very friendly all by themselves, and considering how the game isn't too hard it leaves room for some sandboxing. Go enjoy. Go!

PS. You are now officially looking forward to Starcraft 2. Just to let you know.

Foss said...

Settlers 2! Have they updated the graphics to work on HD? Or should I also get Settlers 6?

Audun said...

I don't know about Settlers 2, but Lords of the Realm II is working well on my vista 64 bit with a 22" screen. I wouldn't recommend sitting close to the screen, but it's completely playable. LotRII is emulated in DosBox, I assume the same goes for Settlers 2.

Tora said...

*Officially looking forward to Starcraft 2"

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