The prettiest girl in Oslo

Now I wouldn't usually be that judgmental on what other people choose to listen to. Sure I might throw a few naughty words in there for good measure, but in truth I don't really care that much as long as I don't have to listen to it too.

And there is one song by Big Bang that I actually volunteered to listen to myself a few times, and I've seen them live once, too. And it's been one of those songs that haunt you a little, as everyone seem to like it, or simply not have an opinion on it. So it's played everywhere. But still there's always been something about this song that has really bothered me.

I didn't realize until today, when at work and listening to that blasted song for the flippin millionth time, that it creeps me out. It makes me think of all those icky sleaze-bags that are about twice the age of "the prettiest girl in Oslo", but would still try nonchalantly-desperately to get under her blouse with lines like "can I talk to the prettiest girl in Oslo, oh is that you?" Yeah? C'mon. Nasty old man. It grosses me out. This song is ruined for me now.

I know some poor girls still shiver at the edge of the creative-frankness in pick-up lines like "You are the most beautiful girl here tonight". But in truth, you should know, that this is probably the most common pick-up line that even the likes of me have heard too many times. I think it has to do with the drunken-haze of thinking "the truth will impress her". Or something. I think it does, the first three times. The rest? Not so much.

It's the funny ones that always get to me. Like "Look! We're wearing matching socks!" or something really odd, like "I haven't had my daily dose of Urge today, would you please show me the nearest Seven-Eleven/Deli de Luca?" Yeah? You can relate to that. What the fuck are you going to answer to such overwhelming compliments over the loud music? Oh, and it makes you seem like you're way too interested. You have to be attentive, and show moderate interest, but girls always want what they can't have. Got to remember that.


Foss said...

meh. whatever.


Tora said...


What is that supposed to mean? :(

Foss said...

Nothin', crazyface!

Hope you & ze family are ok :) xx

Tink said...

it is nice to hear that you're pretty, but when you're absolutely pissed off your tits, it doesn't sound that convincing.

and Foss, what was that?

Audun said...

"girls always want what they can't have."

This is why you can pull girls by being an absolute tit. All girls wants bigger tits.

Tink said...


Foss said...

Eeeeeeeeeelin, I was acting uninterested!

Do you know the way to the bouncy castle?

Foss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Foss said...

Oops, I doubleposted! :/

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