I am so excited, for whatever reason - I need to think of something to cook for dinner, and I really want to do something fun tonight! My room is an awful mess, worse than it's been in a looong time. My things are everywhere, and yet I wake up and I look out the window and take a picture instead of tidying up. It is just that there's so much to do. So much. And as usual I am fraying at the edges because I can't get myself to do any of it - seeing it's impossible to find a place to start.

I like to put icecubes in my juice, it's very refreshing.

Yesterday I hung out with Helge, we watched comedy central clips and listened to drum n' bass. It feels weird that I have to go home when I've been at his place, even though it is pretty much a cupboard, I already feel at home when I'm with him! So it's unnatural that I have to leave. But I'm moving out soon, which'll be really weird to say the least, I can't wait. Even though nobody thinks that I should. It's difficult when I don't get any support either, everyone thinks I'm making a mistake and that I'll hit a wall and regret it all my life. Thank you.

We're creating these characters for a game-concept at school and I spent the whole of last week just wringing my brains out for an idea. As usual I got it when I'd gone to bed, and it was as if it had been obvious all along to me, then. But it was a long walk to the nearest pen and paper so I had to lie and think about it for hours and then sleep restlessly until I could work it out in the morning. OH! Yes, and we were in Sweden at our new summerhouse this weekend. Torstein and mum and my stepdad have been there the past few weekends, but this was my first time there. Such a cozy, quiet place, we ate lots of good food and Torstein and I played cards. The dogs absolutely steam down there, they're everywhere and snoring in the grass at the same time. It is such a joy to see them that happy. The worst thing about going home was that they like it so much there. I took pictures, I'll post them. Promise!

Apart from that, it's a sunny day! Let's do some laundry and see what other mischief to get up to!


Anonymous said...

You should make som jam!
Tante Bister

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