Hello you little toffee-biscuit-WHICH REMINDS ME

hold on, licorice-beard!

My Pecan-caramel biscuit from United Bakeries that laid wrapped in a napkin in my purse!
YUM. These biscuits are so delicious they deserve a post of their own. This particular one I got from Skjalg at work today. Thank you, Skjalg!

I'm sitting here doing the last illustrations for our hand-in on sunday night. It turned out quite good, well done Jonas! We did almost all of it over the course of four superfocused hours. It almost hurt to be that good. And I've been at work today, it was a LOT to do, so time zoomed by like Ulla. Right! Then we made fishtacoes. I still don't think it's awesome, I think I'd stick to preparing fish in different ways.

But anyway, food aside (for a moment) this post was supposed to be about the licious music I love at present. It's quite cheesy I'd say, most of it. But you know, what'cha gonna do? Listen?
Ehm. Yeah!
Aaand, well, that's it - here goes!

Candy by Ash (I'm serious! It's sticky, I'm sorry)



Tempus said...

My turn, the basement jaxx really kicked in for me today :D

put it in some random playlist, and after listening to it sometimes kinda unaware, i suddanly thought. Wow this song is awesome, what song is it? :D

Hmm fishtacos, sounds, special. I am having chicken today. with potatos and onion. Sounds boring, but i made it fancy. yay

Tora said...

I know, right?

I thought that sounded great, really. Yum, chickan! GOOD

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