District 9

YAY! I saw District 9 last night. I would recommend you seeing it, sir - because it's definitely worth seeing, if only for the remarkable special effects. I'm impressed.

I did have very high expectations to this film, especially because of the trailer coming off as so original, and the theme being so sensitive. But in the end I was a little disappointed with its lack of intelligence. It was exctiting and I must admit I was quite riveted with it. But the story was very thin considering the controversy of the setting. I hoped this film was going to leave me more shaken than just the warm sensation of being entertained. But it didn't get me thinking at all, it's impressive and fantastic, but it contained such a vast amount of unreleased potential. By the credits it was almost upsetting to see such a good idea "go to waste" with clichées.

Also raising questions of prejudice, it was troubling to see the way Nigerians and other black people were depicted in the film. I'm not saying I particularly noticed who had the different roles depending on their race, I don't tend to consider that an issue - as such only creates more racism. But the film itself goes against its own morale, there were plenty of white bad guys, but ALL the black guys, except one, insignificant one - were criminals, outlaws and believed in witchcraft. That's just plain narrow-minded. Can't fit everyone into one film, I understand, but there should be nuances, shades of gray. C'mon!

However, District 9 is definitely a sci-fi classic, absolutely loaded with amazing props and enjoyable with an inconsistent way of storytelling. It starts off as a documentary, kind of Cloverfield style at times, with a few interviews in-between, then this merges with any other random action film. And celebrates with some extra ... goo. It's quite brutal, and I don't know if the age limit of 15 really is sufficient, but that's me - I enjoy action films, but they definitely get way too graphic for me. It really isn't necessary. It was great, but - there should've been more to it than just the (may I say brilliant) splatter-explosions and the icky, hollywood "alien and human connect on a higher level".

The ending delighted me as well as bothered me, a lot. Loads was left unsaid, and I am unable to tell you if they did that purposedly or not, because to me that wasn't a necessary "method" of granting this film depth. Despite the heart-thumping action-scenes and marvellous amounts of "what's going to happen next?" it was all a little messy. There's a lot of characters in this film that are introduced but don't really play any significant part. In the end they leave a lot of loose threads hanging, and though this can be done, as I said, on purpose - it only leaves you dissatisfied. After thousands of - excited, if I must add - "what's going to happen next?"-es they finish with a last big one. They could actually make a sequel only to tie up all the loose ends!

As much as this annoys me. I am sure others are able to fully enjoy this without annoyance, because in the end I am only talking about MY unfulfilled expectations that never really got promised to me by anyone, but that I made up in my head. This is unfair, but, maybe I should just accept that not everyone are interested in seeing an above average intelligent film with this theme. I mean, the sci-fi fans can all enjoy more clever films, I am sure, no offence, but perhaps this genre just needs a whiff of afterthought before it is reduced to snores. Please?


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