School is quite awesome at the moment, almost can't be called school though - it's such a variety of different fun things. Like writing and analyzing stories, concepts and developing strange new ideas - and everything is allowed! How brilliant is that?

Leveldesign is also fun, and the project will turn out great, seriously! I am sure of it. At least now that we know a little more about the procedure of creating a game. Geeh. That really helps, you know!

It is pouring down outside, and it's quite cold. Thought I would lead you on to a beautiful classic. It will never stop to amaze me, this song. And not only that, but it's true, too! Don't you think?

I Love My Man by Bent

You all have a beautiful day!

This is a Portuguese hydrant. I thought it looked punk.
And I am listening to a Portuguese rock album right now, Polexia. It's weird, cos it's in Portuguese, but it's quite good.


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