Merriest of Christmases!

I just want to take the opportunity to wish everyone an extremely merry Christmas. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to hand out all the presents in time, -That's another reason why I would be a terrible Santa. But know that you will have it in time for your birthday. (Not you, Jonas).

We are celebrating in Sweden and my sugarplum will be in Molde. He's already left, so I have the flat all to myself, it's weird because even though I've had before - he's not even close, like, school or work, or just in the bedroom sleeping. I don't have any internet connection in Sweeeedeen, which is actually going to be really relaxing. Looking forward to it! But that means that I had to make this post today!

Hope you forgive me for the extreme lack of Christmas posts this year. Or posts in general, for that matter.

You should see the fantastic Christmas decorations I have in my window. Excellent.
Have a great Christmas! You are the best!


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