Music of December

I know, I never thought I'd recommend you some lame-ass RnB/hip-hop song either, but this one's been in my head for days, literally. Yeah, and I must be hanging out with a bad crowd getting influenced with hip hop, riiiight?

Song for dreaming (wasting time thinking): Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys (I must stress, however, that the live versions featuring stand-in Bridget Kelly sound a little more passionate, and that Ms. Keys howls scary like). And I think that the only reason I like it is because it makes my heart soar and I want to go back to New York :(

Song for getting your chi centered: God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday soothing, smoooth and lush jazz. Absolutely splendid. Makes you wonder why people choose to listen to angry music.

Songs for cheering up and making friends: Ambitions and Stereolife by Donkeyboy, hey! Norwegian music! Everyone's sick of their album, because the radio's been raping it (apparently). Seeing my life is pretty much radio-free, I enjoy it now! The video for Ambitions is wonderfully weird!

Song for feeling so trendy you're possibly Swedish: Strangers by Van She (Man, thanks Hans-Jørgen!) This is cool, I want to casually mention it while talking to someone in a club and give them a look if they haven't heard of it. (Obviously, if they have, I'll say they're so 2008 and that I only asked to know what you mainstream mortals listened to these days).

*snif* I have totally lost my indie credibility :(

Song for remembering that you like Kasabian: Fire by Kasabian. Give it to 1:15! Rocks! Then you remember that they can be a little annoying and that every song pretty much sounds the same. Oh, except Butcher Blues of course, that song kicks ass.

Song for vacuuming, and for shaking daT booty: Blue Song by Mint Royale. This is the best song ever. And Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are in the video. What more can you possibly ask for? It is most excellent!


Jannik said...

Wow, that "Ambitions"-Video is the shiznit! Thx for drawing my attention to that!

Some stuff you should check out:

Fear Of Tigers Album:

Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Fear of Tigers Remix):

Pure epic Electro-Pop goodness. And the whole blog is great.

Taken By Trees - My Boys:

Great cover version.

Casiokids - Finn Bikkjen:

Haha, love it! ^^

Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix):


Grum - Heartbeats:

Nice cheesy Filter-House

And "The xx"-Album, if you don't already have that on repeat.

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